week 6 recap…

Week 6 recap:

Day What I was supposed to do…

And what I actually did…

Monday REST Rested. Well, walked. I needed the fresh air. And I needed the rest. Walking was a good compromise.
Tuesday Bike 1:15 – with 10×1 min short Hills Swim: 2200 (in place of Wednesday’s swim)400 warmup2x300 (50 kick/100 swim/50 kick/100swim), :30 rest

3×200 pull, strong effort, :20R

3×150 (50free/50 choice/50free), :20R

100 cool down

Run: 45 min predator run (negative split)

Just flip-flopped the runs and did Friday’s workout.

Wednesday Run(50 min with 12x:30 sec intervals)

Swim (1950)

Strength training (Gotta fit it in somewhere. This week it ended up bumping a swim out, but c’est la vie!)Tuesday’s Bike workout: 10×1 min hill climbs, 2 minutes active recovery, 1:15 total
Thursday Bike 1:30 Swim: 2400 (in place of Friday’s swim)600 warm up6x50 (alternate 25 drill/25 swim and 25 kick/25 swim) with :15 rest

6×50 (25 sprint/25 easy) with :20 rest

2x{4×50 fast, :30 rest /200 pull}

2×150 (50 free/50 choice/50 free) on the 3:15

100 cool down

Friday Run 50 mins with 4x:20 strides with :40 sec recovery

Swim 2000

Run: 50 min, 12x:30 with 1:30 active recoveriesWednesday’s workout!
Saturday Brick – 1:15 bike/20 run Brick – 1:30 bike/ 20 runWhen I first hopped on the bike, I could tell my legs were tired from the previous day’s sprint workout but once I warmed up it was alright.The twenty minute run was alright – still feels funny to hop off the bike and try to run. My legs didn’t feel like bricks, per se, but it was a slower run for whatever reason.
Sunday Swim (1700)

Run 40

Bike 1:00. This was supposed to make up for the Thursday 1:30 ride, but we made it out to our turnaround faster than we thought and I was BEAT and sucking wind so we called it quits early and came home to eat crepes!



rewards (in the form of lemon berry ricotta crepes)…

One of the reasons we work out is so we can eat more, right? If you know me, you know I LOVE food and you know that I think that one of the great things about this many workouts a week is that I’m torching tons of calories. Which basically means I can eat almost anything I want and be (almost) totally justified in the irresponsibility of the indulgence. Awesome.

The trick is to a) not to eat more than I’m burning (and that is definitely a feat some days – I hate to pass up an opportunity to indulge!) and b) to replace those burned calories with things my body can use for fuel in the next day’s workout (i.e. protein and carbs and all that good stuff). It gets a little scientific for me, but I know that eating potato chips and Twix bars for meals will leave me feeling worn out big time in the next day’s workout. It’s not really worth it to be dragging over a bad decision. So we stick to the basics, a lot of super foods – fruits, veggies, salmon, black beans. Lots of salads. Stir frys. Mexican goops. And fortunately, we don’t usually have much of the “bad” stuff in our house anyways, so not much temptation.

But obviously it’s fun to reward yourself for sticking to your training, so I often do. And often these rewards are in the form of food. Not only that, but they commonly take the form of processed sugars. You know, cookies and the like.

Sundays are great for rewards like sleeping in. Waking up without an alarm clock. This particular Sunday also proved to be a great day for Lemon Berry Ricotta Crepes, which we had originally planned to have for breakfast but turned out to be a great dinner as well –

Here’s the recipe, which I adapted from a recipe for crepes that I found in our local paper and combined with a recipe for Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce from Two Peas & Their Pod (though I pretty much just used their blueberry sauce recipe and saved the pancakes part for another reward day…).


For the Berry Sauce:
1 ½ tablespoons lemon juice
1 ½ teaspoons cornstarch
2 cups fresh or frozen berries
2-3 tablespoons granulated sugar
2 tablespoons water

For the Ricotta Filling (you could probably cut this in half – we had a lot leftover):
2 cups ricotta cheese
¼ cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

For the Crepes:
1 cup milk
2 large eggs
2 fluid ounces water
1 cup all purspose flour
4 tablespoons butter, melted
Vegetable oil for the pan

In a small bowl, combine lemon juice and cornstarch and set aside.

In a medium saucepan, combine berries (we used frozen mixed berries), sugar and water and bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce heat to simmer and stir in lemon juice and cornstarch mixture. Stir until the sauce thickens slightly. Cover to keep warm and set aside.

Combine ricotta, powdered sugar and vanilla extract. Refrigerate until ready to fill crepes. Refrigerate until ready to fill crepes.

Combine eggs, milk and water; mix well. Add flour and mix until just combined. While stirring, pour in melted butter. Mix well until smooth.

Heat ½ teaspoon of vegetable oil in a 12 inch non-stick skillet over medium low heat for about 10 minutes. Wipe out skillet with a paper towel, leaving a thin film of oil.

Pour a scant ¼ cup crepe batter into the skillet and tilt the pan until batter evenly covers the bottom of the pan. Cook crepe without moving until top surface is dry and edges start to brown, loosening it from the side of the pan with a spatula. Gently slide spatula under edge of crepe. Grasp with fingertips and flip crepe. Cook until second side is lightly spotted golden brown.

Fill each crepe with sweetened ricotta cheese and berries. Roll up and place seam side down on a plate. Top with a dollop of ricotta (and the recipe also suggests fresh mint leaves and fresh fruit. We weren’t classy enough for fresh mint, but we had strawberries!)

What’s great about having these for dinner is that you know you’ve either earned them. Or you haven’t. In our case, I figured that 8 workouts over the course of this past week called for a crepe-tacular, fruit and ricotta-filled breakfast/dinner.

Although now that I think about it, having these for breakfast would put some pressure on me to go get a workout in at some point during the day! Cheers!

the kindness of strangers…

As you may recall, we had quite the flat-a-palooza last weekend on our bikes. Well, as I was leaving for my brick workout today, I didn’t exactly forget about it, I wouldn’t say that… but I didn’t exactly “remember” what it had done to my flat-fixin’ supplies. You know. Spare tubes. Cartridges. Things that come in handy when you have a flat and want to be able to keep going. Things that keep you from phoning a friend and calling in a favor. Let’s just say, I was tempting fate. Or tempting flats. Foreshadowing, anyone?

The workout for the day was to be a brick workout, calling for a 1:15 bike ride followed immediately by a 20 minute run. I decided to do a 1:30 bike to make up for the 1:30 bike I had skipped earlier this week (which, I should add, was the only workout I skipped this week!).

I left the trailhead, headed west straight into a vicious headwind. Ugh. But better to have it on the way out than on the way back, I thought to myself. Not even 2 miles in, the trail, which follows the river, was completely flooded. No passage to the sides of the trail. Too chilly of a day to ride through. Fortunately, I knew of a detour that required more street travel, but would still do the trick. No big deal, I was off on my merry way.

One of the things I love about being out in the spring is seeing all of the new flowers pop up and today I saw the first of the purple silky lupines that grow on both sides of the trail, and also lots and lots of happy mule’s ears. See?

Fairly close to my turnaround point, around 40 minutes, I came across another puddle and debated my options. It was not huge and it was passable, but a couple out walking their dog informed me that another puddle lay just around the corner and the only option there was to go through it. So I opted to turn around and head back. No big deal.

Around this time, my headphones decided to poop out on me. Well, I should be more specific – the right ear pooped out the other day. Today, the left ear called it quits too. Bummer, but not the end of the world (today at least).

The rest of the trip was uneventful, until it wasn’t. As I made my way along the shoulder of the road – the detour on my way back) – I remember thinking, “I never even notice how much junk is on the road. Or maybe there’s not this much junk on the road, just in the bike lanes. Lots of land mines and potential flats in these parts, eh? Oh…. I hope I don’t get a flat… watch out for that twisted metal shrapnel looking thing…” You know the drill by now. I’m not sure what I caught, but just as I had finished that stream of thoughts, I could swear I heard a slight hissing noise. Nah, maybe my mind is playing tricks on me.

Pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst. Psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst. Psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst. Psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst.

Really? Sure enough.

And only then did it actually occur to me that this was one flat I was not going to be able to fix.

Fortunately, I had made good time and good progress. By my estimates, I was between 3-4 miles from my car. Not too far if you’re biking. Or running. But pushing a bike and walking in bike shoes, well. Doable, definitely. I mean, if you had to…

I decided to pop the tire off and switch out the tube. Knowing I had no cartridge, I was only hoping that someone would pass by and check on me. And then I would be ready.

It was my lucky day. First, having seen Jason change not one but two flats last weekend, I had recently gotten a refresher course. And second, just as I putting the tire back on the bike, a couple passed by and asked if I needed help. Me? Well… now that you mention it, I could sure use a pump if you happen to be carrying one! As we were pumping up the tire, two guys also passed by and asked if we were good.

Thank you to those kind strangers that helped me get back on the road this afternoon! While we weren’t able to get the tire fully inflated (to 120 psi – kind of hard on those little travel pumps), we were able to get it full enough for me to make it back to the car without having to walk. And I still had plenty of time to go run a couple miles. All in all, my day was better because some people I didn’t know took the time to help me. Some days it’s hard to feel good about the future of mankind, but days like today really make you appreciate the camaraderie of sports and the generosity of others.

And I promise that next time I head out on my bike, I will be prepared. Not only for my own potential mini-catastrophe, but also armed and prepared to help in case we see another rider who needs a hand.  Guess I’ve got some shopping to do before tomorrow…



side effects of training…

Holy heck. Boy, do nine workouts a week eat up your days and weeks quick. You run out of hours to do all of the little things that you used to do with your spare time. Like do laundry. Buy groceries. Cook. Do yard work. You know. Those things.

The other night, I got home late after a longer workout after work… and we had NO food. I mean seriously. Our fridge was a barren, empty desert. I tried to scavenge what I could, but ultimately determined I would need an emergency trip to the grocery store. Entirely too unprepared for a full-fledged grocery store visit (and too late and much too hungry to get prepared for one), I ran in and out for some apples, bananas and yogurt.  Enough for some semblance of a smoothie in the blender… it’ll get me through the night and hopefully the fruit, plus the can of soup I bought will get me through the next day too. And maybe then I’ll find some time to go to the grocery store for reals.

When I pulled into the driveway, I noticed (not for the first time, or even the second time) that with all of this sun and all this rain, our grass has been G-R-O-W-I-N-G. Shoot. Someone ought to mow that, I think to myself yet again. Later. Maybe this weekend I can fit it in between workouts and errands.

Back at home, I made an attempt at getting ready for the next day – workout clothes, lunch and snacks (apples and bananas – good thing I stopped for groceries!), post work workout clothes, bike, bike helmet, bike shoes, etc.

In addition to the post work workout, I had also worked out at lunch, so today (as with many days), out came two full sets of dank, stinky gym clothes from my bag and straight into a laundry basket full of stinky gym clothes. Oh geez. Someone should do something about that. Right? These days, clean clothes are a hot commodity ‘round these parts and it’s getting to be slim pickin’s; it’s been a week or maybe more since I poured some detergent on those bad boys and ran them through the wash. Sigh. Armful of clothes into the wash. Switch it on and hope to stay awake long enough to get things hung to dry.

I have a necklace my mom gave me that says SLEEP ● EAT ● SWIM ● BIKE ● RUN ● REPEAT. As it turns out, there are a few steps in between. Minor details. Call them all the “side effects” of training.

So, come tomorrow? I get to do it all again. Except I guess I’ll have just a little less laundry to do. Maybe we can get a maid. And a gardener. And maybe a cook.


bugs in my grill…

Today’s 2nd workout of the day was a biking one, one that involved hills. The workout called for 1 hour and 15 minutes on the bike, with a warm up / cool down and a hill climb set consisting of 10×1 minute climbs with 2 minutes active recovery in between.

I parked about 6 miles from a local hill that I knew from past experience was more than a 1 minute climb (especially early in the year when I’m a slow climber) and set to work. The 6 miles to the hill provided a nice, if a little too short, warm up. Then I turned into the crazy lady that set up the hill and turned around 3/4 of the way up like I gave up or something. Over and over and over again. I can just see the thought bubbles of passersby, “what a quitter, she was so close to the top!” It’s days like this when I feel like I need a shirt that advertises my workout. Yes, I’m only going 3/4 of the way up, but I’m also going up it 10 times. Stop judging me!  Ironically, but probably not surprisingly, I would totally judge someone I saw turning around without making it to the top. Pansy. But I digress…

There was something that I quickly remembered about me and biking hills. And biking in the spring. Ah. There are lots of bugs out right about now. And when I’m going up hills, I catch a lot of them. In my mouth. On my face. In my helmet. The harder and longer the hill, the more bugs I catch. Lovely little springtime surprises.

As I’m rounding out climb number 6 or 7, I pass this old guy who I had seen going the other way a few hills back. Like I say, he’s old. Square glasses, pot belly, white hair, bright yellow spandex jersey, not moving super fast. Now, I had waved to him the first time I saw him… this is standard fare for me, to greet other bikers and runners I see.  The first time I passed him, he just smiled. But the second time? The second time he opted to – no joke, I can’t make this stuff up – blow me a kiss.  Yeah, seriously. Like a little nod and a “hey baby” kiss.

What? Who does that? I KNOW!  I thought the same exact thing! And funnier (to me anyway) is that, by this point in time, my face is red and sweaty, and I’ve probably got who knows how many bugs stuck to my face, in my teeth. I spit a few out bugs along the way, so I can imagine that I’m looking pretty A-MAZING, not that I really care at that particular moment but it’s a great visual and added to the situation, it cracks me up all the more. Hot stuff ahead with bugs all up in her grill.

Oh boy, people are so very very awkward…

Being on a bike, I zoomed past in a jiffy (with a really? / what the heck?! look on my face) and within seconds was thankfully clear of any more weirdness, at least for the time being…


Weekend warriors (with the wounds to prove it…)

Weekends are a great time for relaxing and recovery. Unless you’re training for a 70.3. Then weekends are a great time for those long workouts that just can’t fit into the workweek (there is only so much daylight, right?).  Only, we like to get away on the weekends, go exploring, get out and see the world. Which presents quite the dilemma.

Thus, we find ourselves “multitasking” as we attempted to do this weekend.

This weekend we trekked out north of Seattle to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival based in Mount Vernon, WA. We hit it just right – beautiful weather, blue skies and brilliant tulips fields.

Apparently this is a very popular thing to do and we were lucky to have enough foresight to bring our bikes along with us, thinking this would be a great way to 1) avoid the traffic and 2) get a 40 miler in as our training recommended for the weekend. Two birds, one stone?  Excellent (or so we thought…)!

Here’s what actually went down. We parked our car at a local park near the river and launched from there. Three miles in, these bikes are already paying off big time. We’re soaring past lines and lines of cars. We’re really applauding our wisdom. Freaking geniuses, we are. Four miles in, we’re quietly taunting the cars as we go by, making faces at the kids trapped in the back seats.

And less than five miles in, I say something to the tune of “hmmm, I wonder if we have an spare tubes on us?” or “hmmm, I’m not sure if I have any backup tubes… sure hope we don’t get a flat!” and mere seconds later, Jason gets a flat tire. Bad timing? Karma for the taunting? That’s what we get for being ill-prepared? Eh. Yeah.

Here we realize that my hunch was correct – we hadn’t checked our backup supplies before we left home. But fortunately, I had a spare tube and just as we’re getting ready to use the only CO2 cartridge I had to inflate the tire, a guy in a truck pulls up and pulls a pump out of the back of his truck. (Turns out there was an official ride going on and his bike shop was providing the support vehicle.) Anyhoo, we pumped up the new tube, patched the old one so it would be ready for next time and we were in business, once again flying past those poor fools sitting in miles-long lines to get into the parking lot. The tulips were well worth the trouble (though had I been sitting in a line of cars, I might have thought differently…).

Here’s the kind of views were treated with:

What did I tell you? Totally worth it, right?

We left the first field and decided to take the long road to the next field and get some extra miles in… the weather was marvelous, the views were great and the riding was mostly good, except for the parts where you had to squeeze by the sitting cars on a narrow shoulder (which were fortunately few and far between considering and we avoided those roads as much as possible. About 2 miles from the second field, we rode past a huge field of daffodils on private property. Daffodils! At the end of the field, I had an opportunity to turn off the road so we could view the field safely (i.e. out of the way of moving traffic and other bikes), so I turned. As I’m turning, my back tire caught a pretty bad patch of loose gravel and… Down. I. Went.

Now, it’s been YEARS since I fell off my bike (excluding that time I fell off of the spinning bike, but I digress…). The last time I fell, I caught some gravel and ate it. I screamed bloody murder until someone came out to check on me. I was fine, but I wanted to some attention. You know how kids are… I was no different. I was hurt, I wanted some love.

The difference between then and now? Let’s see. I was going faster this time. Definitely. But I fell in slooooooooow motion. And my foot was securely clipped into my pedal, leaving me no choice but to go down with the bike.  And I’m a big girl now, so presumably, I fell much harder than before.  At the last minute, I distinctly remember thinking “holy crap, I’m going to land on my face” so I put my hands down.

The good news? Well, I didn’t land on my face. I took the brunt of the fall on my left elbow, the heel of my left hand, and my left knee.

I don’t remember if that’s how I landed last time. I didn’t scream bloody murder this time. There was almost definitely some cursing this time. And for a minute I thought I might throw up.

So now I am the walking wounded. I hadn’t put my bike gloves on because we were only going a few miles. I sliced the top layer of skin off the heel of my left hand, my elbow is swollen and bruised (and I can’t put any pressure on it without yelling), and my knee’s all skinned up and bruised (ditto on putting pressure on it) and I have varying levels of road rash from my ankle up to the side of my thigh. Awesome.

Being as prepared as we were, we of course had no bandaids. But Jason did for some reason have a little bit of toilet paper. We washed the dirt out of my knee and hand the best we could and me, being as stubborn as I am, pouted for a while about taking a spill and then determined that we would go see the rest of the flowers.

As fate would have it, as we arrived at the second field and changed out of our biking shoes, Jason looked at his rear bike tire (the one that we had changed out earlier) and wouldn’t you know it, it was flat again. Really? Really?!

Out come the tools again and we borrowed a pump from a more prepared soul who was locking their bike up next to ours. Sigh. A few minutes later, we had the old patched tube back on the tire and inflated and marched our stubborn butts across the street to the tulip display gardens with our fingers crossed the patched tube would get us back to our car.

Our very last stop was the street festival, which was within walking distance of the park where we had parked our car for the day, so we made one last stop figuring if we got yet ANOTHER flat, we’d just hoof it back to the car.

Luckily, we made it home without further incident, but suffice it to say, Saturday was a very tough day for biking. And did we make it the whole 40 miles we had planned, you ask? Oh heck no. We finished out the day with 12 miles under our belts. And which workout from this week called for 12 miles on the bike? Well, none. But sometimes you’ve got to know when to throw in the towel and live to fight another day.

on speedwork and ‘sprints’…

This week – Week 5- marks the start of the speed workouts. At least for the run part. Raise your hand if you like sprint workouts… I hear crickets. Anyone else hear that? 

Funny thing about us humans – we like being comfortable, right? I’m no different. Pushing those limits? Nah. I’m good here. On this couch. With this beer. And these salt and vinegar chips (What?! Where?). But in pushing ourselves, we improve. Somewhere between sweating and gasping for air and screaming lungs and wanting to cry (maybe just a little) – somewhere in there is something that allows us to become faster, stronger, better suited to compete, to survive and thrive.

Here’s the deal – generally speaking, speed workouts are a necessity if you want to get faster. And I do. Always. I’m always trying to beat myself. Old PRs? They’re only there so I can beat ‘em. Plus, over the years, I’ve found that speed workouts are a great way to mix up your runs and keep them from getting mundane (especially if you’re unfortunate enough to be relegated to the indoors for some awful reason… more on that later though).

Yesterday’s workout was a 15 minute warm up, and then 11 (yes, ELEVEN) 1 minute sprints with 2 minutes of active recovery in between each. Closed it out with a cool down (mine was about 10 or 12 minutes… I forgot to stop my watch so I’m not exactly sure). In all, 50-something minutes of running for me today.  Good stuff. 

Here’s a little snippet of conversation from inside my head today as I completed speed workout numero uno for the season (warning: the things that go on up here are commonly viewed by many as “crazy talk”. But we won’t let them get to us, now will we?).

Ummm, does this count as sprinting? 

It’s only a minute.

I wonder if I could outrun a squirrel…?

You only have to make it to that tree up there. See it? No, double-psych, now the next tree.

Finish this and you can have two whole minutes of recovery…!

Don’t think about the next one or the next two. Think about the fact that you’ve gotten one or two or five under your belt around.

Whoa, look at all of these worms half-squished on the trail. I could definitely outrun a worm. Definitely. 

One minute at a time.

Man, I’m breathing LOUD.

So what if passersby think you’re dying?

Good thing there’s no passersby…

Don’t be a wuss, you can take it. It’s only a minute. (sensing a theme?)

Fast feet fast feet!

Ok, it’s DEFINITELY been a minute now…

One more probably won’t kill you… but if it did, it would probably take DAYS for them to find you out here huh?

Man, I could use a nap.

What?! Only 32 seconds? @#%^!

So what if they can hear you breathing a mile away?

I FEEL fast. I wonder what I look like – do I LOOK fast? Ha, probably not…

This is how I survive – by telling my brain that even though my heart is pumping out 180 beats per minute and my lungs are heaving, this is a victory. I distract myself with baby steps – one sprint at a time, one minute at a time, one tree at a time. Oh look, a bird! If you ever feel overwhelmed with a workout, or heck, a work week (as we sometimes are), try to think small. Small milestones make it easier to achieve things and at the end of it you’ll be surprised at what you’ve managed to do despite yourself!  Good luck out there. Think positive and happy running! 

(PS- On a more serious side note, and in a somewhat of a disclaimer-type fashion, I’m not a physician and I’m not a personal trainer. I’m just a girl who happens to like running and who happens to be very familiar with my own personal limits (including just how capable my heart, lungs and legs are of pushing things to the limit). If you’re just starting out, don’t be afraid to consult your doctor or an exercise professional or even a fit friend before you embark on any kind of super-intense workout or training program. Ask questions. And definitely don’t be afraid to start small and work your way up. One hundred and eighty beats per minute is not good stuff for everyone… know your limits and know where your “one hundred and eighty beats per minute” is… it’s different for everyone.) 

rules of the road…

Our community is very biker and runner friendly. Tons of triathletes… maybe its a ‘birds of a feather’ thing directly inspired by Ironman that has rolled through town every year since 2003, maybe not. Either way, we’re fortunate to have some really great trails that get pretty significant use by all of those folks training (including yours truly), especially when the sun finally decides to shine.

Spend as much time as I do running and biking on these roads and trails and you’ll see a lot. Obviously, there are a lot of people out and about – many of whom have headphones in. Runners are weaving back and forth, trying to avoid the walkers who inevitably come with zigzagging dogs who are sometimes on those leashes that seemingly have no end (or zigzagging dogs who have no leash as all), and trying to avoid what often comes with dogs who have irresponsible owners (roadside poo). Long boarders and skate boarders are trying to avoid the runners and the walkers and the dogs. And bikers, trying to keep their pace and their cadence up and get through the traffic and into the clear just as fast as possible, are zooming through the traffic with their fingers crossed, “no whammies, no whammies, no whammies!”  Eeek- Scary.

I’ve seen a few things over the past few weeks already that I thought I’d share here while they’re fresh in my mind (and I’ll add to this list as I think of things):

– Obviously, respect all users.

– If you have earbuds or headphones, keep one ear free so you can hear what’s going on around you.

– Give everyone their space. Overestimate how much space they need and how much space you need.

– If you want to, pass. But slow down, make sure you’re clear of oncoming traffic and pass safely – don’t be a ninja and especially don’t be a ninja on a bike. Let people know you’re coming – I prefer a simple “passing please” as I approach folks I need to pass. (I find this is easier than “On your left” because for some funny reason this phrase seems to confuse people. People freak out and forget which way to move and end up moving directly into your path. I imagine if I could see their face as they hear “On your left”, they’d resemble a deer in the head lights, eyes as wide as saucers. What is this nonsense?) If you’re somewhere super congested, avoid the congested areas or buy a bell.

– If you have a dog (and for the record I do – we have 2 actually), keep him or her on a leash close to your side and know what his or her reaction to runners and strangers biking will be before you go out. And please, please pick up after your dog. Nobody likes those warm squishy stinky surprises left on the side of the road, not even other dog owners. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us dog owners and trail users.  Please and thank you!

Anyhoo… off my soapbox for now…

PS- watch out for mountain goats.

photo by MollySVH

week 4 (recovery)

Day What I was SUPPOSED to do What I actually did
Monday REST. And I maybe should have – I was tired from the previous day’s brick: 1 hour / 20 minute brick. Ran 40 min. It was 65 and sunny and I couldn’t pass up the bluebird day! So. A handful of sweaty lunchtime miles in the sunshine were just what the doctor ordered.
Tuesday Bike (1 hr) Skipped lunch – had to write a speech for my boss who at a big event in DC. Worked straight through the day… came home RAVENOUS and scarfed a bowl of homemade chicken parmesan. And then hopped on my bike an hour+ later for a quick 1 hour sunset bike ride.
Wednesday Swim (1300) / Run (40 mins) Strength training; 20 minute run packed into lunch.
Thursday Bike (1 hr) Another long day at work and I felt tired. I was able to squeeze a 35 minute run in between presentations and meetings.
Friday Swim (1600) / Run (40 mins) Caught a late afternoon pooltime and found one of my most favorite things in the world waiting for me – a laneline-less pool, completely empty and completely still. Quiet. Such a beautiful thing in my mind. So peaceful, so serene. Just lovely.

What a pool snob I am!

Warm up: 400
2×300 w/:30 rest (50 kick / 100 swim)
3×200 w/:20 rest
3×150 w/:20 R (50 free / 50 choice / 50 free)
4×100 swim w/:15R
100 cool down

Workout courtesy of NTC Masters Swim, Coach Sara McClarty.

Saturday Bike (1:30) Well… if I’m being completely honest, I haven’t spent ALL of the time on the bike that I should have to date. So we looked back and last week’s long bike was 2 hours. That’s what we did.

Caught some rain around 1:15 that threatened to derail us, hubby had some challenges with bike fit and a shifter that just about broke in the last 10 miles, but we managed 32 miles for the day. That last 10 were all in one gear… haha. Might’ve been able to squeeze a few more miles if not for that.

Needless to say, his bike’s headed to the bike shop this week.

Sunday Swim (1700) / Brick (1hr /20 min) Had a volleyball game today (90 mins); then met up with a friend for brunch / lunch. Made the (ahem) smart decision to get the French toast and bacon… nice and light, eh?

Headed to Fleet Feet in search of new running shoes (and let my stomach rest), then made out for about 50/15. Found some perfectly wonderful rain / hail and a marvelous headwind on the far side of the lake. Ah, the delights of springtime training. We’ll call this week a victory.

“bike wins rare victory over the call of ice cream”

Yesterday, there was supposed to be a bike ride. But I didn’t want to bike ride. I wanted to sit. At home. Under the covers. And eat ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream.

Only, we had no ice cream. Shoot. And it’s supposed to thunder/lightning/pour this afternoon/evening and thus procrastinating it until tomorrow simply would not do. Double shoot.

So a bike-riding I went. Caught a beautiful ride during the last hour or so of daylight on a perfectly lovely evening. Perfect temps and great scenery – sunset and a swollen river that has only recently receded back from the trail which was flooded just a few short days ago.

That wasn’t so bad.

And my hubby, my sweet, wonderful hubby, picked up some yummy ice cream sammiches on his way home from his meeting.

Sigh. All’s well that ends well.