bugs in my grill…

Today’s 2nd workout of the day was a biking one, one that involved hills. The workout called for 1 hour and 15 minutes on the bike, with a warm up / cool down and a hill climb set consisting of 10×1 minute climbs with 2 minutes active recovery in between.

I parked about 6 miles from a local hill that I knew from past experience was more than a 1 minute climb (especially early in the year when I’m a slow climber) and set to work. The 6 miles to the hill provided a nice, if a little too short, warm up. Then I turned into the crazy lady that set up the hill and turned around 3/4 of the way up like I gave up or something. Over and over and over again. I can just see the thought bubbles of passersby, “what a quitter, she was so close to the top!” It’s days like this when I feel like I need a shirt that advertises my workout. Yes, I’m only going 3/4 of the way up, but I’m also going up it 10 times. Stop judging me!  Ironically, but probably not surprisingly, I would totally judge someone I saw turning around without making it to the top. Pansy. But I digress…

There was something that I quickly remembered about me and biking hills. And biking in the spring. Ah. There are lots of bugs out right about now. And when I’m going up hills, I catch a lot of them. In my mouth. On my face. In my helmet. The harder and longer the hill, the more bugs I catch. Lovely little springtime surprises.

As I’m rounding out climb number 6 or 7, I pass this old guy who I had seen going the other way a few hills back. Like I say, he’s old. Square glasses, pot belly, white hair, bright yellow spandex jersey, not moving super fast. Now, I had waved to him the first time I saw him… this is standard fare for me, to greet other bikers and runners I see.  The first time I passed him, he just smiled. But the second time? The second time he opted to – no joke, I can’t make this stuff up – blow me a kiss.  Yeah, seriously. Like a little nod and a “hey baby” kiss.

What? Who does that? I KNOW!  I thought the same exact thing! And funnier (to me anyway) is that, by this point in time, my face is red and sweaty, and I’ve probably got who knows how many bugs stuck to my face, in my teeth. I spit a few out bugs along the way, so I can imagine that I’m looking pretty A-MAZING, not that I really care at that particular moment but it’s a great visual and added to the situation, it cracks me up all the more. Hot stuff ahead with bugs all up in her grill.

Oh boy, people are so very very awkward…

Being on a bike, I zoomed past in a jiffy (with a really? / what the heck?! look on my face) and within seconds was thankfully clear of any more weirdness, at least for the time being…


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