the week of the (semi-) slacker…

Well, it was inevitable. Somewhere along the line, there is always a bump in the road. And I found it this week when I had to leave town for a week-long work conference on the coast.

A trip that required a flight (read: a bike-less trip).

A conference that, as with most, requires me to be in sessions all day (read: to work out each day, I could get up early – ha, SO not gonna happen – or count on it being nice enough to go after work. Do you feel lucky?)

A conference that, as with most, provides an abundance of food that is NOT good for you (read: uh-oh, not only NOT working out, but also NOT eating good. Talk about a recipe for potential disaster!).

And a trip to a coast that tends to be rainy more often than not (read: a weather pattern that presents a challenge to running and staying dry…) and windy more often than not (read: rain, I can do, but wind? ICK.).

A hotel that does NOT have a full sized swimming pool (read: looks like no swim training either…).

Ah. Challenges abound.

Fortunately, the breakfasts provided have a lot of fruit, so if I need mid-morning snacks, there’s my easy standby.

Fortunately, I brought my running clothes.

Fortunately, running on the beach is a very magical draw for me. (Running on the beach always brings to my mind sunshine and shiny happy things. I never watched the show, but we’ve all seen the intro to Baywatch, yes? Running on the beach is ALWAYS like this, right? Right. In Oregon?…right…maybe not so much in May.)

And fortunately, rain, especially the Oregon brand, was expected. I brought my rain jacket.

It’s true – half the battle is planning ahead and being prepared.

And a few days into the week, I’ve been exorbitantly lucky on the post-conference weather. While each night has threatened rain, it’s been dry in the evenings. And if you run with the wind at your back on the way out, you have no choice but to suck it up and make it back to where you started (that may not be the most ideal way, but facing into the wind is not a great option either…).

Well. Maybe this week won’t be such a big setback for me after all… at least there is running.


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