finding ‘normal’ again…

A week out of the saddle makes you realize really quickly that 9, 10 weeks of 9 workouts a week (whoa- that’s 80 -90 so far and counting) has created a new habit. A new sense of normal. Whether you meant it to or not. You become accustomed to spending most of your waking mornings, lunches and evenings strapping on your helmet and hitting the trail.

So I noticed something this past week. Despite our best efforts to be active while out of town, I quickly realized that one workout a day (as was  the norm on this week’s work travel) feels very, well, NOT normal. One workout a day felt like nothing. One workout a day is surely not enough. What a slacker I am.

Strange. I never used to feel that way. One workout used to be plenty. 5 workouts was an achievement to be proud of, for sure.

Today I attempted to return to the usual 2-a-day workouts only to find that after a week of one workout a day, normal had gone and shifted on me. A week of recovery reminded me just how nice it was to relax. I found myself liking the idea of the new one workout a day norm. Skipping this evening’s workout and relaxing seemed like a fantastic idea. It would have been nice to take another evening off. But for me, one evening often turns into two turns into four and before you know it there’s another week down the tubes. And with 10 weeks to go, this is no time to let up. At this point in time, that simply will not do. I’m staring Week 11 straight in the face… on the down side of the 20 weeks. Seems like time to get down to business.

Besides, you know what they say about working out: “I never regret it when I do it, but I always regret it when I don’t.”  (and by ‘they’, I mean David McDonald VinsonAnd now me too). Don’t ask me about Vinson. I know nothing about him except that he apparently said that.

So I hopped on my bike, popped out a quick ‘n’ (surprisingly) easy 20 miles. A little warm up ride, if you will. Along the way, I was pleased to find myself sliding back towards my old normal. Maybe I’m not ALL the way back into it. But it was kinda nice to be back in the saddle cruising back in that direction.

It’s just that a vacation sounds so lovely right now.



(Guess that means I’m not quite back to “normal” just yet…)

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