swimming 2.4

Hubby and I decided to do a local open water swim, a 2.4 mile swim across the lake (the short way). It was a great event and about 150 people turned out on Sunday to swim ALL the way across the lake.

2.4 miles is not a long way to bike and not even a long way to run. But it’s a commitment to swim it. And staring across the lake that morning, I’ll admit it seemed pretty far.

staring across the water to the “other side” of the swim

I might have avoided the distance, unwisely, but my hubby, who is much wiser than I and only really started swimming a year or so ago wanted to get the distance under his belt before Ironman. Or at least get an attempt and figure out just how much more work he would need to put in between now and June. (But probably the first one.)

The start funneled everyone between a couple of docks, so we didn’t have room to spread out immediately. You either waited for things to thin out or went along with the pack. Hubby waited. Having just gone to a swim clinic put on by a local tri coach who encouraged us to be aggressive on the start, I decided to throw in with the masses amid the flailing elbows, fists and feet.

So as I give him a kiss good luck, here’s what he says to me just as the cannon’s going off, “See you on the bottom!” It didn’t really click for me right away.

But ten minutes later, as I’ve finally found my way through the crowds and have a nice little pocket on the draft train (something else we practiced at the clinic), it occurred to me what he had said. Some Freudian slip, huh? I had to think happier thoughts the whole way across, carried across by my confidence in him which was fairly easy because I know how hard he’s been working to improve his swimming and because he made it through last week’s 70.3 – a 1.2 mile swim -without any problems.

Fortunately, we both made it across safe and sound.  It’s nice to know we can both make the distance. Nevermind the fact that in June, the lake will hopefully be 55 degrees. If we’re really lucky, maybe 57, not the balmy 70ish it was on Sunday. And nevermind the fact that the next time we jump in the lake to swim 2.4 miles we’ll have to follow it up with a 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run. For now, it’s nice to know we can survive the first step. And I’m happy to report that I didn’t see my hubby – or anyone for that matter – on the bottom.

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