spring is in your…nose?

Hello springtime! My wish for Phil to declare winter to be over came true, at least by the looks of things. When temperatures hit the high 40s and low 50s and snow and ice has melted off the trails and roadways, folks round here declare it the start of outdoor biking season.

Round here, that officially happened over this past weekend. That’s right. All of us poor schmucks who have been relegated to indoor trainers and spin classes since November hit the roads (covered head to toe in the warmest gear we could find from beanies and ear warmers to gloves and wind breakers jackets and tights and toe warmers) to dodge the gravel and sand left on the roads by the plows and again feel the (cold) wind on our faces and blowing through our hair. But oh! To be going somewhere after months of pedaling in place!

early spring biking

One cautionary note on riding outdoors – the bugs have also realized spring is coming. They’re not out in droves yet, but enough so that when you sniff (cause it’s cold and your nose is running), you’ll likely catch at least one in your schnozz, maybe more.

Happy springtime everyone!

(PS – I know, now that’s I’ve said all of this, we’ll get snow and cold again and for that, I’m sorry!)

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