Life after Ironman…

It’s been two blissfully “uneventful” months since Ironman Coeur d’Alene. I have been meaning to post, but, well, there’s frankly not much to say.

As you are aware, the weeks leading up to Ironman were jam packed with activity. Mostly training. And planning in the spare time.

Believe it or not, I have not done any other races since Ironman. I hemmed and hawed about picking up the Lake Stevens 70.3. Or the Priest Lake Olympic distance. Or… something. But nothing really caught my fancy. And those things that did seemed to conflict with work or other pre-existing life plans.

The physical part of the post-race recovery was quick it seemed. Well. Hubby was in a cast up until a week or so ago, nursing that annoying little wrist break that preceded IMCDA by 16 days… But other than that, neither of us were hobbling in a distorted fashion across the finish line. No blisters, no torn muscles or ligaments from a crash or overtraining. We are lucky in that sense.

In fact, I took the week off and ran again the following Saturday. Nothing serious, mind you. Just a simple, easy jog. And I’ve been about 3 times a week with some friends training for the Portland Half Marathon in early October.

The mental recovery is trickier it seems. Faaaaaaaar trickier.

Here’s the big piece: I’m super unmotivated. About working out. And about food. And about everything in general.
Frankly, I would be happy to lay my happy butt on the beach day after day with a book and some Cheetos and read/nap my summer away in a orangey fake cheese powder haze. (That’s right – in this delusional scenario, work would pay me to do this…)

Yes – I just did an Ironman. And yes, I should take time to recover. But I feel like I have and I’m slipping out of the “just” did Ironman and into the phase were I should probably start doing something again. Probably.

I need a new goal… something exciting (and that is the trick, isn’t it?).

But alas, nothing is really speaking to me. I know I will find something. Stay tuned.

Any Ironmen out there have any suggestions for mental recovery and/or new epic things to do/conquer?

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