me, in a nutshell


I’m just an everyday average athlete. I certainly don’t set any land speed records, but I do enjoy pushing myself to new levels.  I took up running in college to try to stay active and eventually, without realizing it, I started liking it! And, perhaps just as surprising, I’ve gotten faster over time. Since college, I’ve done countless 5Ks, 10Ks, and half marathons and sprint triathlons. The Olympic distance and half ironman tris and full marathons I can still count on one hand. And that’s ok – gotta start somewhere!


I love, love, LOVE food. LOVE IT. I think about it constantly. There is a very hungry fat kid inside of me. She knows what she wants, and boy, is she VOCAL. While I generally eat pretty healthy stuff, I also strongly believe in everything in moderation. Recipes of, say, peanut butter chocolate chip cupcakes may, on occasion, show their face here on this blog.


I believe that sweat is oftentimes the best form of therapy, as Samantha Dunn once said.


I love being outside and I love it when the sun is shining. Fresh air is a beautiful thing and no day is truly complete without it.  Treadmills are my nemesis (but living in the Pacific Northwest, they are, at times a necessary evil and I have mostly come to terms with that).


We love to travel and see new places and take every chance we get to explore new corners of the world. On my life list (the ultra-short version): Greece and Patagonia. On my hubby’s short list: New Zealand.  Maybe a big trip will be our “reward” for successful completion of this upcoming 70.3?  We shall see.


When we’re not training for races, we can usually be found enjoying the great outdoors in some way, shape or form – snowboarding, sledding, snowshoeing or cross country skiing in the winter and running, swimming, biking, hiking, playing tennis, walking the dogs, or backpacking somewhere epic!


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