handy dandy helpful little links!

Today’s world is so full of nifty tools, apps and websites. And let’s face it, sometimes we all just need a little extra help! Quick shout-out to some of my personal favorites:

Runners World: Great for training tips, gear reviews, and nutrition.

Endomondo: For those times when you do really want to track your workout. Uses GPS to map your run (walk, bike or hike or other activities) and calculates distance, speed and calories burned.

Mobility Workout of the Day: Stiff knees, hips, hammies? Gotta fix ’em… before they start creating other problems for you! This guy’s a stretching and mobility guru and the search engine is a great way to pin-point the stretches and topics that you need most.

Cooking Light: These guys have some great recipes- especially their quick, easy and healthy recipes. And the ingredients are usually “normal” – I don’t usually have to run out and find some random spice that I’ll never ever use again… All important things when you’re busy busy busy!

NTC Masters Swim: My swimming workouts can be uninspired. I find its best to head to the pool with a game plan. Something more than just “oh, I’ll swim until I’m tired” or “I’ll just swim a mile or two” or “I’ll see how I feel when I get there” – these things never work out.

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