“bike wins rare victory over the call of ice cream”

Yesterday, there was supposed to be a bike ride. But I didn’t want to bike ride. I wanted to sit. At home. Under the covers. And eat ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream.

Only, we had no ice cream. Shoot. And it’s supposed to thunder/lightning/pour this afternoon/evening and thus procrastinating it until tomorrow simply would not do. Double shoot.

So a bike-riding I went. Caught a beautiful ride during the last hour or so of daylight on a perfectly lovely evening. Perfect temps and great scenery – sunset and a swollen river that has only recently receded back from the trail which was flooded just a few short days ago.

That wasn’t so bad.

And my hubby, my sweet, wonderful hubby, picked up some yummy ice cream sammiches on his way home from his meeting.

Sigh. All’s well that ends well.