no failure in trying…

I ran across this the other day – it comes from a Tedx event in Spokane, WA last year. I found it at a time when I’ll admit I’m fretting (just a smidge, and against my best efforts) about the¬†possibility¬†of failure. What if I put all of this time and effort into training for Ironman and I fail to finish it?

Dr. Bliss is a very impressive lady with a good reminder for me as I walk along this road to Ironman, and for all of us, for that matter – “We should try the things we think we cannot do because that’s where we’ll find the reward.”

There will be much to learn throughout the course of my Ironman journey. Without trying, we’ll never know what we’re capable of doing. And if at first you don’t succeed? Learn, adapt, and of course, try, try again.