week 8 recap…

Day What I was supposed to do… What I actually did…
Monday Rest Rest? Meh, who needs it?
Thursday’s Bike 1:20
Tuesday Bike Short Hills (1 hour, 10 minutes total with 9×1 minute hill climbs) Wednesday’s run:
47 minutes with 9x:30 sprint set with 1 minute rest
Wednesday Swim (1625 yards)Run Speed Intervals (47 minutes with 9x:30 sprint set with 1 minute rest)  Lame-o Swim Attempt – ALMOST today’s yardage… 1500 yards
Thursday Foundation Bike 1:15 Swim:2x {50 free, 50 back, 50 breast, 50 fly}4×50 scull drill

5×300 (sight 1x per 25)

2×100 Cool down

Total 2300


Friday’s Foundation Run:  37 minute predator run

Friday Swim / Foundation Run + Strides set REST.
Ok. I’ll admit it, I guess I do need it.
Saturday Foundation Bike 1:45 Sunday’s Brick WorkoutBike 1:15
Run 30 minutes
Sunday Swim / Brick Workout Combine Tuesday’s hill workout with Saturday’s Foundation RideBike: 2 hours of hills, hills, HILLS!

week 6 recap…

Week 6 recap:

Day What I was supposed to do…

And what I actually did…

Monday REST Rested. Well, walked. I needed the fresh air. And I needed the rest. Walking was a good compromise.
Tuesday Bike 1:15 – with 10×1 min short Hills Swim: 2200 (in place of Wednesday’s swim)400 warmup2x300 (50 kick/100 swim/50 kick/100swim), :30 rest

3×200 pull, strong effort, :20R

3×150 (50free/50 choice/50free), :20R

100 cool down

Run: 45 min predator run (negative split)

Just flip-flopped the runs and did Friday’s workout.

Wednesday Run(50 min with 12x:30 sec intervals)

Swim (1950)

Strength training (Gotta fit it in somewhere. This week it ended up bumping a swim out, but c’est la vie!)Tuesday’s Bike workout: 10×1 min hill climbs, 2 minutes active recovery, 1:15 total
Thursday Bike 1:30 Swim: 2400 (in place of Friday’s swim)600 warm up6x50 (alternate 25 drill/25 swim and 25 kick/25 swim) with :15 rest

6×50 (25 sprint/25 easy) with :20 rest

2x{4×50 fast, :30 rest /200 pull}

2×150 (50 free/50 choice/50 free) on the 3:15

100 cool down

Friday Run 50 mins with 4x:20 strides with :40 sec recovery

Swim 2000

Run: 50 min, 12x:30 with 1:30 active recoveriesWednesday’s workout!
Saturday Brick – 1:15 bike/20 run Brick – 1:30 bike/ 20 runWhen I first hopped on the bike, I could tell my legs were tired from the previous day’s sprint workout but once I warmed up it was alright.The twenty minute run was alright – still feels funny to hop off the bike and try to run. My legs didn’t feel like bricks, per se, but it was a slower run for whatever reason.
Sunday Swim (1700)

Run 40

Bike 1:00. This was supposed to make up for the Thursday 1:30 ride, but we made it out to our turnaround faster than we thought and I was BEAT and sucking wind so we called it quits early and came home to eat crepes!


week 4 (recovery)

Day What I was SUPPOSED to do What I actually did
Monday REST. And I maybe should have – I was tired from the previous day’s brick: 1 hour / 20 minute brick. Ran 40 min. It was 65 and sunny and I couldn’t pass up the bluebird day! So. A handful of sweaty lunchtime miles in the sunshine were just what the doctor ordered.
Tuesday Bike (1 hr) Skipped lunch – had to write a speech for my boss who at a big event in DC. Worked straight through the day… came home RAVENOUS and scarfed a bowl of homemade chicken parmesan. And then hopped on my bike an hour+ later for a quick 1 hour sunset bike ride.
Wednesday Swim (1300) / Run (40 mins) Strength training; 20 minute run packed into lunch.
Thursday Bike (1 hr) Another long day at work and I felt tired. I was able to squeeze a 35 minute run in between presentations and meetings.
Friday Swim (1600) / Run (40 mins) Caught a late afternoon pooltime and found one of my most favorite things in the world waiting for me – a laneline-less pool, completely empty and completely still. Quiet. Such a beautiful thing in my mind. So peaceful, so serene. Just lovely.

What a pool snob I am!

Warm up: 400
2×300 w/:30 rest (50 kick / 100 swim)
3×200 w/:20 rest
3×150 w/:20 R (50 free / 50 choice / 50 free)
4×100 swim w/:15R
100 cool down

Workout courtesy of NTC Masters Swim, Coach Sara McClarty.

Saturday Bike (1:30) Well… if I’m being completely honest, I haven’t spent ALL of the time on the bike that I should have to date. So we looked back and last week’s long bike was 2 hours. That’s what we did.

Caught some rain around 1:15 that threatened to derail us, hubby had some challenges with bike fit and a shifter that just about broke in the last 10 miles, but we managed 32 miles for the day. That last 10 were all in one gear… haha. Might’ve been able to squeeze a few more miles if not for that.

Needless to say, his bike’s headed to the bike shop this week.

Sunday Swim (1700) / Brick (1hr /20 min) Had a volleyball game today (90 mins); then met up with a friend for brunch / lunch. Made the (ahem) smart decision to get the French toast and bacon… nice and light, eh?

Headed to Fleet Feet in search of new running shoes (and let my stomach rest), then made out for about 50/15. Found some perfectly wonderful rain / hail and a marvelous headwind on the far side of the lake. Ah, the delights of springtime training. We’ll call this week a victory.